Friday, February 26, 2010

PLU choir trip (:

funfunfun days.....
This morning I left my pierce English class a half-hour early to drive myself through the pouring rain to PLU and I did not know where it was. After very luckily finding it I then had to search for parking and tromp through the rain with no hood or umbrella to find the music building.
After finally getting to where I needed to be with my very wet and wavy hair I got to sit through a bunch of high school choirs singing.
They were mostly ok and they had good judicators giving great advice.
Then came lunch which was hectic but fun! I enjoyed a piece of pizza and a gigantic chocolate healthy right? and then we went back into the Music room to listen to the last few choirs.
But they had a surprise for us......the two best choirs at PLU sang so beautifully it made your heart break and then....the HUGE and gorgeous pipe organ was played by a professor and it was AMAZING!!!!!
By this point my just ok day was much much better.
Then the rest of the choirs went and a horrible headache decided to explode in my brain.
My choir was up so with my head hurting so bad I thought I was going to puke I had to perform three songs and go through the judging.
When it was over I was ready to get home.
When I got back to my car, which I had parked in some place close to the campus, I found out that the specific parking lot I was in was for PLU and required a parking I do not attend PLU I do not have a parking pass but now have a parking ticket.
Standing there with my newly found fee, splitting headache in the pouring rain.....I cried for about two min. before I got in my car and found my way home again.
Home=ibuprofen=no headache
Home=no rain=DRYNESS
All in all this wasn’t my best day but it wasn’t my worst and I am thankful for the amazing musical experience :)


Lisa said...

Sorry to hear about your "Alexander, terrible, horrible, very bad day". I wouldn't think your parking ticket will be too expensive, but a bummer anyway.

If it is any consolation it is raining here, too.

Love Ya,

Keck said...

I am sorry, that sounds terrible! And having to hear a bunch of obnoxious choirs sing whilst a headache is killing you! What fun! Glad it ended okay,
Love ya Kelly

Lisa Dawn said...

I just saw this come up on my blog. My blog must have gotten confused and not put it up. I am sorry about your parking ticket! Why didn't you tell me about it? I am glad you had a good weekend to make up for that bad day!