Thursday, November 13, 2008

My Six Things

my six things
1.) Weird thing- i am in the process of making friendship bread, it's rather fun, I also like to say the word rather and other weird somewhat old fashioned words, I just love old fashioned things, I love the 50's and 60's era, its the best, and I totally want to work at Sonic when they build one in Puyallup.
2.) Fun thing- I love music, reading, and I get to go to Florida every year during the summer. I go to Rogers High school, I went to Ferrucci Jr. High. which is the best Jr. High ever, I am a Christian and know so many fun children songs, and old hymns, and newer songs it's amazazing.
3.) Sweet thing- Lisa Dawn is my bestestist friend in the whole entire world, Aaron is my loving wonderful boyfriend, and my mom is the person closest to my heart,
4.) Interesting thing- i have had braces since the fourth grade, it was no picnic
5.) Family thing- It's just me and my mom at home. We enjoy each others company and are the best of friends. I love my mom, she is my hero, disciplinarian, and friend. You rock mom. My other family would be the entire Daly family, Aaron <3, Kristiana, Adam, Mr. Daly, and Mrs. Daly. Also the Riddle family, Lisa Dawn <3, Katy, Mark, Luke, Kelly, Mr. Riddle, and Mrs. Riddle, I LOVE YOU FAMILY.
6.) Musical thing- I've been taking piano since the fourth grade and absolutely LOVE it, I am also in choir at school. I love music, it is like one of my favorite things in life. I listen to it, make it, and thoroughly enjoy it in all ways possible.
I tag Mrs. Riddle and, my mom.