Wednesday, December 31, 2008


HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This year has gone by so fast i cant believe it I'm already done with around have of tenth grade before i know what hit me, I'll be graduating, AHHHHHH!!!!!! scary thought :O.
So, new years resolutions, well i cant think of anything major, but i guess i can always say that i know i should be exercising more and eating a little healthier. :)

Happy New Year :)

kinda random

you know whats funny.......i love old time songs like blue moon or goodnight sweetheart....yeah :)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

L things

What's your name... Lindsay
A four-letter word... Life
A boy's name... Lawrence

A girl's name... Lyla
An occupation... Lawyer

A color... Lilac
Something you wear... Leather
A beverage... Lemon tea
A food... Lamb chops
Something found in a bathroom... Lotion
A place... Louisiana
A reason to be late... Lights you have to stop at (stoplight)


Christmas is almost here!!!!!!!! yay!!!!!!!!!! :). I can't wait for Christmas, it's one of my favorite holidays!!! This year I get to spend it with my mom (as always :) and the Dalys !!!! :) yay! There is just so much going on this year, so many activities like the dinner theater, my huge Buddhism project, Piano songs (Lisa Dawn and I just performed our duet of Carol of the Bells), and then the rush of people everywhere, shopping and presents, but most important of all remembering Jesus' birth. I pray this year that God will bless each and every one of you and I hope you remember that this is about God not Santa Clause or getting gifts. Yes the colors and presents and songs and everything else is so much fun and really adds to the excitment, but this is still about God and how He sent His son to die on the cross for our sins. I thank Jesus and praise his name for what He did for me!!!!!


Bad title I know but it's not about a bad thing. Ok so in m y English class we have to do a presentation on a religion, they give you a list to pick from and of course Christianity is NOT on there >:( very upsetting. Anyways, you are in a group of seven and you pick a religion. Well my group picked Buddhism, definatly not my choice, I would have prefered Judaism or Roman Catholicism. However, we got Buddhism. We have to pretty much teach the class for a whole class period (thats an hour) about Buddhism. I have to talk about the texts and Dieties of Buddhism (their scripture and gods) I also have to create a worksheet for the class. It doesnt sound like much but being ready in time with all my stuff is stressing me out!!!!! AHHHH!!!!!!!!! Anyways, just thought I'd mention something about what I've been doing lately :). And on that happy note, have a good day :)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

My Six Things

my six things
1.) Weird thing- i am in the process of making friendship bread, it's rather fun, I also like to say the word rather and other weird somewhat old fashioned words, I just love old fashioned things, I love the 50's and 60's era, its the best, and I totally want to work at Sonic when they build one in Puyallup.
2.) Fun thing- I love music, reading, and I get to go to Florida every year during the summer. I go to Rogers High school, I went to Ferrucci Jr. High. which is the best Jr. High ever, I am a Christian and know so many fun children songs, and old hymns, and newer songs it's amazazing.
3.) Sweet thing- Lisa Dawn is my bestestist friend in the whole entire world, Aaron is my loving wonderful boyfriend, and my mom is the person closest to my heart,
4.) Interesting thing- i have had braces since the fourth grade, it was no picnic
5.) Family thing- It's just me and my mom at home. We enjoy each others company and are the best of friends. I love my mom, she is my hero, disciplinarian, and friend. You rock mom. My other family would be the entire Daly family, Aaron <3, Kristiana, Adam, Mr. Daly, and Mrs. Daly. Also the Riddle family, Lisa Dawn <3, Katy, Mark, Luke, Kelly, Mr. Riddle, and Mrs. Riddle, I LOVE YOU FAMILY.
6.) Musical thing- I've been taking piano since the fourth grade and absolutely LOVE it, I am also in choir at school. I love music, it is like one of my favorite things in life. I listen to it, make it, and thoroughly enjoy it in all ways possible.
I tag Mrs. Riddle and, my mom.

Friday, October 17, 2008


well........I'm so bored right now its not even funny.......I'm so bored that I'm just posting a bulletin on how bored i am......telling all who read that I'm slowly wasting valuable time....being bored.

lol well whatever so yeah this is pretty much just a bulletin where i totally just kinda ramble on and on about nothing and I'm sorry if you think its boring but its better than just sittin and doin nothin lol :) today was good....we had a memorization test in choir and i think i did pretty good :). and tomorrow night we are having a choir sleepover.....I'm pretty excited. of course i have to leave early the next morning for church :). I also had a million tests this week in all my classes.....I'm pretty sure i passed all of them with around 90% or higher.....(mostly higher :)). I'm listening to a country song which i love......its called BBQ stain i think and its by Tim McGraw.......its on my my space.

i feel like watching a movie so i think ill just go watch shes the man or something and go to bed cause its late and i feel like know fallin asleep to a movie....that should be nice....hmmm its only 9:45 and I'm exhausted ready for sleep....i guess i just had a long day at school and then a hard workout at the y.......that was was the zumba was fun. We just shimmy and shake and its a lot of fun :).

anyways ima go to bed so ill post something interesting later :)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Friends :D

I have friends in all sorts of places.....I have my friends at church.......I have my friends at school.......I even have my friends in other states.
My friends at church, well i consider almost everyone that goes to Sunrise Baptist Church to be friends. There is the youth group.....we all get along and are like one big group of friends. However even some of the adults and elderly are like my family, or literally are my family and i consider family to be friendship as well. However there are a certain few from church that i am especially close to. I have my two besties Marrissa and Lisa Dawn and we always hang out together at church, we talk and share a lot of life's details with each other all the time....we are very close. Aaron, Kristiana, and Andy are also very close to me. The four of us always hang out even when were not at church.....we all get along and have a lot of fun together :).
My friends at school are close to me.....but we aren't as close as I am with some of my church friends. I have Crische who is my closest friend at school....we talk and text all the time. However Crische and I also hang out with Ravi and Chris. We are like the lonesome four who came from Ferrucci while everyone else from are school came from different junior highs. We do have other friends in are classes but we pretty much always are together at school. I was just jkin about bein lonesome :P I'm just bein silly but we really do stick together.
When I say I have friends out of state, it's pretty much all family :). My dad lives in Florida so I have a few friends there. Also most of my family on my dad's side lives in Texas. Therefore I also have a lot of family/friends there, I think it's nice to have people you know all over :).
This last paragraph I reserved for my two closest friends whom I have mentioned before. MY Boyfriend-Aaron- is such a sweetheart and he truly is a very good friend of mine. We are almost always together, and it can be sad when we're not. He is pretty awesome, someone anybody could get along with if you tried. He is six foot four....really tall while I'm only five foot's a site to see :). He also has bright red hair and amazing dimples. He is kind and gentle hearted.....a sensitive soul. He's very funny....always cracking me up. He is such an amazing person, I never want to be without him. I love being with him, I just love him :). Also the second person I wanted to mention was Lisa Dawn. She is my all time best friend in the entire world. We understand each other so well and get along like peas in a pod. You hardly ever see us not together at's like we're joined at the hip lol :P. She is a godly young women whom i both look up to and love like a sister. She is kind and well mannered and incredibly smart. We have been good friends since she moved here and i don't think I could live without her :).

My mom <3

Most of you who know me know that for family, it's just me and my mom. We do pretty much everything together. My mom raised me and we have a very close relationship. I love her so much she is the person closest to my heart, the only person I can tell everything to, and when I say everything it's literally every single detail of my life. Without my mom, certain tough times I've had would have been unbearable. She is my comfort and support. I know that God will always be there for me but sometimes it takes my mom to remind me, or to help me have a shoulder to lean on. I can always count on her to make sure my needs are met. She will always be there for me, when great things happen, or when tragedy strikes. My mom is my main family and I love her like none other. :)

Sunday, October 12, 2008


I love music. I am in choir at school and I take piano lessons. I've been in piano since the fourth grade and have stayed devoted to it. I adore music and it's my favorite pastime. I often just sit and play piano for hours on days off. Right now, I am working on Christmas music. I know it's quite early to be starting the seasonal music, but Christmas music is my favorite type to play. My best friend Lisa Dawn and I always do a duet for Christmas and we are just starting to pick one. We aren't sure what song we are going to do yet, but we will choose soon :).
Right now, the songs I am working on the most are: Winter Wonderland, Silver Bells, Frosty the Snow Man, Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer, and I'll be Home for Christmas. For
non-Christmas songs, I am doing a song called the spinning song and a song called Liz on top of the world.
Yes, I love to play piano, it is one of my favorite things to do :).