Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Bad title I know but it's not about a bad thing. Ok so in m y English class we have to do a presentation on a religion, they give you a list to pick from and of course Christianity is NOT on there >:( very upsetting. Anyways, you are in a group of seven and you pick a religion. Well my group picked Buddhism, definatly not my choice, I would have prefered Judaism or Roman Catholicism. However, we got Buddhism. We have to pretty much teach the class for a whole class period (thats an hour) about Buddhism. I have to talk about the texts and Dieties of Buddhism (their scripture and gods) I also have to create a worksheet for the class. It doesnt sound like much but being ready in time with all my stuff is stressing me out!!!!! AHHHH!!!!!!!!! Anyways, just thought I'd mention something about what I've been doing lately :). And on that happy note, have a good day :)

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